Reported by : Deepak Sharma

Day four of the Anganwadi caregivers strike saw a few drizzles and numbing cold weather. Yet, the enthusiasm of the striking workers was unblemished.

Priyambada from the Delhi State Anganwadi Workers and Helpers Union in her address today reminded the strikers of the resolve that they had shown in the face of adverse weather in their victorious struggle in 2017.

Many workers and helpers shared poems and songs written by them to encourage their fellow caregivers from the protest stage today.

Members of the Progressive Artists’ League took the stage today to discuss the need for a working-class cultural movement. The established culture is a culture of commodification, that serves to promote capitalism, and furthers the exploitation and oppression of the working class.

The workers must create their own cultural movement against this established culture.

The artists also initiated the formation of ‘Aparajita Natya Toli’, a trope of Anganwadi workers that will perform working class plays in the strike in the coming days.
‘Janchetana’ has also put up a book exhibition of progressive and revolutionary books at the protest site.

Support is pouring in for the Anganwadi workers strike from all corners of the country and the world. Nimish from the ‘Maharashtra Construction Workers Union’ visited the strike today and declared the union’s support to the strike.

He said that the striking caregivers of Delhi are not just fighting for their own demands, but are inspiring Anganwadi workers in Maharashtra and across the country to organize and fight for their demands.

He also added that the most fundamental demand of all the workers all over the country is the demand of a national employment guarantee act. Without the right to employment and the right to livable wages, the right to a dignified life is meaningless.

The Anganwadi workers’ demand for increase in honorarium, for employee status, for pensions and retirement benefits makes this strike a part of the nationwide struggle for the right to employment. The ‘Restaurant Workers’ Union – Sindicato de Trabajadores de Restaurantes’, a union of the Restaurant Workers of New York City also sent in a solidarity message in support of the Delhi Anganwadi strike, saying that the strike in Delhi inspires them in their struggles.

It has come to the notice of the Union that the Delhi Transport Corporation, allegedly on the orders of the Kejriwal Government, is not cooperating with the Anganwadi workers in their commute to and from the protest site.

The union is planning to take organised action against this misconduct of the DTC.
Shivani, president of the union, reiterated the caregivers’ resolve to carry on the strike until all their demands are met.


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