Delhi NCR’s most well known name Ritu Dance & Fitness Academy which is giving dance classes education to small children since last 5 years. This name is known to almost everyone as this academy has gained a lot of dominance in a short span of time. The founder and director of this academy is Ritu Jharia, she has not only resolved to make the future of her students bright, but also takes care of the fitness of the parents of the students. Ritu Jharia told that people do many types of workouts to make the body healthy. But there is also a workout, which is quite interesting. The name of this workout is Zumba workout. Zumba workout is more beneficial than other workouts. This is a dance workout, which tones muscles, reduces fat and helps in burning calories, as well as he also told the benefits you get by doing Zumba dance workout. Ritu Jharia told that for a dancer, his dance is his life. As the music plays, a dancer’s feet will automatically tap. Ritu Jharia, a resident of Gurugram, had made dance her passion since childhood. She started learning Bharatanatyam when she was 5 years old. She told that earlier she was working as a sales manager in a well-known company. But her passion and passion was dance, so now, giving importance to full time dance, she is engaged in making the future of small children bright, so that the name of India will be bright. During the conversation with all the senior citizens who came to the workshop of Ritu Dance and Fitness Academy, they told that all the senior citizens are suffering from some major disease like cancer, diabetes, orthopedic and how they keep themselves happy and healthy in all these diseases. The reason for which she tells Ritu Dance and Fitness Academy, she focuses on her health by joining Ritu Dance and Fitness Academy.


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