Report by: Laxmi Rao
Greater Noida : Vedantam Society: Residents are facing the issue of contaminated water and poor electricity supply that’s why they have decided protest every weekend for pending registry.

Greater Noida: On the second consecutive day,Yesterday, residents held a protest in which senior citizens, children, and women also took part Vedantam Society Residents decide to protest every weekend for pending registry and lack of basic amenities in the society, Sector 16C, Greater Noida West protested against the builder to residents of Vedantam Society on Sunday over pending registry
Residents alleged that the supply of drinking water is not good for health even a water purifier is not able to purify water. According to the residents, there is waterlogged in the under-construction premise and basement creating insanitation in the society.

It can spread deadly diseases. The leakage of pipe and the seepage from the pillars of the basement will affect the structure. They shared that they are not getting basic amenities even after paying maintenance charges on time.Society has 10 towers in which 4  are under construction.Residents shared that almost 300 residents live in the society, in which only 70 registries have been done.

CCTV cameras are not provided and the lift remains defunct.
Most of the residents booked their flat in the year 2010 and 2011. Only 70 registries were done. a Resident of tower B Mr Amresh said, “The builder has pending dues in the authority, due to which the registry is pending. In between the authority and the builder, residents are facing difficulties. We have repeatedly requested the builder for the registry but there is no result.

,Another resident from tower D Mr Rahul Gupta said , “The builder has not provided any facilities.” There are not Any facilities like a gym, club or safety fire equipment. waterlogging and Seepage have become everyday problems and the lift is not functioning properly. Every weekend we have to protest and demand basic Amenities.”

Sukhvinder Singh, Facility Manager of the society mentioned, “Society has electricity connection from Noida Power Company Limited (NPCL). The maintenance charge of society is rupees 1.60 per square feet and that is very low to provide luxury facilities. We have noted the other maintenance issue’s related and they would be resolved as soon as possible.”


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