Deepak Sharma is an Indian journalist and news presenter.

Deepak Sharma is an esteemed Indian journalist and news presenter, currently serving as the energetic news anchor, Editor-in-Chief, and Editor of Special Programming at Live News 100. Under his leadership, Live News 100 has embraced social media marketing as a pivotal strategy for business growth. This approach aids in brand development, audience expansion, and customer acquisition. Social media marketing presents numerous opportunities to drive sales and increase revenue. However, several factors can determine whether or not your social media campaigns will be able to achieve the desired goals.

LIVE interview with Arpita Basak from Hongkong.
कौन है नफरत फैलानेवाली मारिया अलाम खान ?
महादेव बेटिंग ऐप मामले में एक्टर साहिल खान गिरफ्तार
नारों बगैर चुनाव कैसा?


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