रिपोर्ट: दीपक शर्मा (दिल्ली)

राजधानी दिल्ली के शाहीन बाग इलाके में 40 फुटा रोड पर अचानक एक रेस्टोरेंट में आग लगने से अफरा-तफरी मच गई. जानकारी के मुताबिक दमकल की पांच गाड़ियां आग बुझाने में जुटी हुई हैं। लगातार दमकल कर्मी आग बुझाने का प्रयास कर रहे है। फिलहाल आग लगने से वहां अफरा-तफरी का माहौल हो गया है।

DPCC President Shri Devender Yadav convenes a meeting of senior leaders to discuss the current political situation, and plan the party’s strategy ahead

Shri Devender Yadav expresses concern at the water shortage in the Capital, impacting the poor people the most.

NEW DELHI, June 6, 2024—Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee presidet Shri Devender Yadav today convened a meeting of senior leaders to discuss the current political situation in Delhi following the Lok Sabha elections, and to plan the strategey and roadmap ahead. AICC General Secretary and In-charge of Delhi Shri Deepak Babaria was also present at the meeting.

Prominent other leaders present at the meeting were ex-MP Shri Ramesh Kumar, ex-Delhi Ministers Haroon Yusuf and Dr. Narendrr Nath, ex-MLAs Ch. Mateen Ahmed, Vijay Lochav, Veer Singh Dhingan, Darshana Ramkumar, Amrish Gautam, Hari Shankar Gupta, Kamalkant Sharma, P.S. Bawa, Ex MC Ishwar Bagri, Jagjivan Sharma, Romesh Sabharwal, Jitendre Baghel, Onika Mehrotra, Rajesh Kaushik, Abha Chaudhary, Shubham Sharma and Raj Kumar Indoria.
Shri Devender Yadav, addressing the meeting, said that Congress workers’ performance was very commendable in the Lok Sabha elections, and compared to the last Lok Sabha elections, Congress’ vote percentage had gone up and the party candidates had received overwhelming support from the people in many areas to prove that the party was still a force to reckon with. He said that Delhi Congress accepted the people’s verdict in the Lok Sabha elections in Delhi with humility, but the party will spare no effort in strengthening the cadres at the grass-root level and reach out to the people in every polling booth to understand their problems and solve them, as the Congress’ 15 years of development oriented governance was a shining example before them.

Shri Devender Yadav said that the Congress workers will maintain the movmentum of their hard work in the Lok Sabha elections, and the party will spare no effort to motivate and activate the party cadres. He said that the BJP had changed all their sitting MPs, barring one, in the last two Lok Sabha elections for their non-performance, and misled the people with hollow and unfulfilled promises, which the Congress workers will expose before the people.

Shri Devender Yadav expressed his concern at the worsening water situation in the Capital, as the poor people were the worst-affected. He said that the Central Government and the Delhi Government should work in total co-ordination to address this problem, as in many areas of Delhi, people were forced to depend on the tanker mafia to purchase water.

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